We are a luxury fashion brand. We create timeless, elegant and eclectic pieces with a refined cut.

Bringing a contemporary spirit into classic designs.

The BRUNET It is a winding path, like a maze. It represents life, full of challenges, progress and setbacks. It is a reminder of the ties that unite us, and proof that we are all part of something greater.

Made in Portugal

BRUNET's dream has always been to create an ethical brand based on sustainability, honesty and transparency, producing high-quality items through locally produced manufacturing (Made in Portugal). Selling pieces that guarantee elegance and comfort to all who wear it.

Our pieces are produced in Portugal, where we are able to regularly visit our factories and monitor each part of the process. This is also how we build a relationship based on trust and proximity with all the people who contribute to turning our pieces into reality. 

The result: a unique piece.


We are a slow fashion brand and produce in very small batches as we believe that this is the way to avoid waste and overproduction.

We believe that high-quality, seasonless pieces are the first step for consumers towards sustainability in fashion.

Raw Materials  

We work hard every day on the search for fabrics with high-quality standards and produced in ways that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable.

A Viscose is a regenerated textile fiber made from natural materials. The fiber is derived from cellulose: its main components are the walls of plant cells, most commonly wood pulp, or bamboo. This fibre is completely biodegradable. 

SEAQUAL® YARN is a high-quality 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn containing SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC from SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

Seaqual Initiative

We collaborate with Seaqual in the fight against the pollution of our oceans by creating value in waste. 

Seaqual Initiative is a unique collaborative community of individuals and organisations, joining forces to fight ocean pollution. 

The process 

Marine litter from our beaches that are both found on the ocean floor and surface, as well as entering our oceans through rivers and estuaries, is collected through clean-up programs. The litter gets sorted depending on types of material. The plastic portion is cleaned and processed into Upcycled Marine Plastics at SEAQUAL INITIATIVE approved facilities. It is then returned to the industry to be made into new, beautiful and sustainable products.

Environmental advantages: 

Reduced consumption of virgin raw materials 

Reduced water consumption

Reduced energy consumption


We follow our entire production chain closely, from the origin of the raw materials to the processing of the fabrics in the factories.

Our garments are manufactured in Portugal in a small family factory - which has been in the textile business for generations. 

In this way, we can ensure that all our workers are paid and treated fairly.

Hi, my name is Bruna, I'm 27 years old, and I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to BRUNET! 

BRUNET is the result of my passion for two worlds that have both been part of my life for a very long time: law and fashion. I graduated from law school in 2016, and since then suits have been part of my daily life at the office. The classic, timeless pieces gave me the confidence I needed to overcome the challenges in my job. At the same time, on my social media, I shared about the passion that didn't fit inside the courtroom - fashion. In 2020, I decided to follow what made my heart beat faster and dedicated myself to creating a brand that would bring together the best of both worlds: classic tailoring and the courage and fearlessness of those who take risks and write their own story.